Perishables Monitoring through Smart Tracking of Lifetime and Quality by RFID (PASTEUR)

Themes: Smart Ultrasound

In this project, a wireless sensor platform has been developed to monitor the environmental conditions of perishable goods in the supply chain between producer and consumer.

The sensor platform developed in this project is based on an intelligent RFID package in which multiple sensor technologies are incorporated. By adding such devices to packaging solutions (crates, containers, boxes etc.) one can easily guarantee a product’s quality more effectively throughout the whole logistic chain.

Our contribution in this project was in the development of energy-efficient interface circuits for temperature sensing, for capacitive humidity sensing, and for pH sensing. Several prototype chips have been developed with state-of-the-art energy efficiency. The results of the project have been incorporated in several commercial products.

Project data

Researchers: Michiel Pertijs
Starting date: January 2010
Closing date: July 2012
Sponsor: CATRENE

NXP Semiconductors

Contact: Michiel Pertijs

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