MSc den Blanken

PhD student
Electronic Instrumentation (EI), Department of Microelectronics

Themes: Cognitive sensor nodes and systems


Hey! My name is Douwe den Blanken and I am PhD student in the Cognitive Sensor Systems and Nodes group. I completed my bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering (cum laude) here in Delft, followed by a masters in Embedded Systems (cum laude, honors). Throughout my masters, I focused on deep learning (but also vision and RL), custom machine learning accelerator hardware and high-performance (accelerated) computing. For my thesis, under the supervision of Dr. Charlotte Frenkel, I designed and taped out a chip called 'Chameleon' that can do on-chip few-shot learning over temporal data such as speech.

Continuing this, in 2023, I started my PhD in the Cognitive Sensor Systems and Nodes group of Dr. Frenkel. Currently, my research interests are:

  • ASIC/ML accelerator design
  • Edge computing/real-life deployments/tinyML
  • (Extreme) neural network quantization
  • Transformers & transformer acceleration
  • Meta-learning/continual learning/unsupervised learning + synergies with each of these
  • Local/efficient learning rules
  • Open-source ML software and hardware (currently have 46 public repositories and counting!)

I am always looking for collaborations, so please reach out if you are interested in working together!

Last updated: 23 Jan 2024

Douwe den Blanken