MSc P. Guo

PhD student
Electronic Instrumentation (EI), Department of Microelectronics

Expertise: Ultrasound ASIC, MEMS Interface IC, Precision analog circuits

Themes: Smart Ultrasound


Peng Guo received his BS degree in 2001, MS degree in 2006 both from ZheJiang University, Zhejiang, China, both in microelectronics. He had been working in industry since 2006, mainly focusing on low power, low noise sensor related ASIC system design like Accelerometer, Gyroscope and eCompass. Since 2018, he joined Electronic Instrumentation Laboratory at TU Delft as a PhD candidate and has been working on ultrasound imaging related ASIC design.


  1. A Pitch-matched Low-noise Analog Front-end with Accurate Continuous Time-gain Compensation for High-density Ultrasound Transducer Arrays
    Guo, Peng; Chang, Zu-yao; Noothout, Emile; Vos, Hendrik; Bosch, Johan; de Jong, Nico; Verweij, Martin; Pertijs, Michiel;
    IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits,
    2022. accepted.

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Peng Guo