MSc thesis project proposal

[2022] Element-level delta-sigma ADC for ultrasound imaging

  • 3D ultrasound probes require transducer arrays with >1000 elements. Future ultrasound probes will be smart, i.e. will have a fully digital interface. This means that many compact low-power ADCs will need to operate in parallel to digitize the received echo signals. Small die size and high power efficiency are key requirements for such in-probe ADCs.
  • In our previous work [1], we have have developed a new compact  ADC that uses the transducer as loop filter. This project aims to further elaborate this idea and develop a higher-resolution version for this innovative ADC.
  • The project includes the design, tape-out and measurement of a prototype chip.

[1] M. D'Urbino, C. Chen, Z. Chen, Z. Y. Chang, J. Ponte, B. Lippe, and M. Pertijs, ”An element-matched electro-mechanical Delta-Sigma ADC for ultrasound imaging,” IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, vol. 53, no. 10, pp. 2795-2805, Oct. 2018.

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