On-chip signal conversion and data transfer of an integrated Eddy-current displacement sensor


This graduate project will be part of a fascinating research effort in the field of low-power high-performance intelligent Eddy-current displacement sensor for high-tech industrial applications. The MSc student will be a member of the Industrial Electronic Instrumentation team. In close cooperation with industrial partners, in this team we are busy developing measurement instruments and smart sensor systems with unmatched performance.

Recently, a new concept and a practical realization of an integrated analog front-end of an Eddy-current sensor for displacement measurement have been demonstrated. The task of the graduate student will be to analyze the required performance, and to develop the digital part of the sensor interface, including a dedicated integrated analog-to-digital converter and a serial digital interface.  

During the execution of the project, the MSc student will obtain knowledge in the fields: inductive displacement sensors, advanced sensor interface electronics, low-power mixed-signal design. He/she will get an experience in system-level electronic circuit analysis and design, as well as in the complete trajectory of an IC design process.



Stoyan Nihtianov