Multi-Parameter Sensing Module for 24-well Micro-Bioreactor


Applikon Biotechnology B.V. ( is a privately owned Dutch manufacturer of bioreactors. Their newest and most innovative bioreactor is the micro-Matrix. The microMatrix is a 24 well micro bioreactor, intended for the experimental determination of the optimal conditions for any bioreaction. These conditions include temperature, dissolved oxygen, and pH.

For further enhancement of the system, we are looking for more sensors to be added. All within the limits of the system: low cost, sterile and (partly)disposable. More detailed information on the assignment is available for students within the TU-Delft domain.

Within this project multiple MSc assignments are possible, each concentrating on a specific enhancement for the system.

Work will be done at the Electronic Instrumentation laboratory (TU Delft) and at the facilities of Applikonbio.
The student will be provided with a workspace at the engineering department of Applikon's headquarters, situated at the Heertjeslaan 2 (10 minutes by bike from TU Delft), in Delft. The student will also be provided with access to Applikon's resources, and a placement fee.



Andre Bossche