Micro-densitometer for Combustible Gas Analysis


Aim of the project

The investigation of microstructures that enable the measurement of the density of combustible gases.


Project description

The most important indicator of the interchangeability of fuel gases such as natural gas, liquified petroleum gas (LPG), biogas and town gas is the Wobbe-index. This index is closely related to the amount of air needed for optimal combustion.For measuring the Wobbe-index of gas mixtures the heating value and the density have to be determined.
Basically the Wobbe-index is given  by:micro-densitometer


`"Wobbe Index" = ("Heating value")/sqrt"Density"`


The heating value can be measured by a micro-calorimeter. For gas density measurement we are looking for a new type of integrated micro-sensor.

The first step in the project is a study of existing densitometers and to determine which principles are suitable for realization in MEMS technology. Next steps would be to design such a sensor in the most promising technology, to build and test it.


Main challenges for this part of the project are:

Open project: Enabling many new ideas and (guided) initiatives


We offer this project for a creative, independent MSc student interested in sensor principles and design.

ECNThe project  is a collaboration of TU-Delft and the Energy Research Centre (ECN)  in the Energy Delta Gas Research (EDGaR) programme.



Ger de Graaf