MSc openings

Here, you find the list of open assignments available through our webpage. We'd like to remind you that the list is made as complete as possible, yet there might be some assignments available in our Laboratory, which are not found on this page. Therefore it's best, besides checking our webpage, to contact our Doctoral contact person - prof. dr. P.J. French, or someone else in the Laboratory.


Kofi Makinwa's Precision Analog Group:

Please contact Kofi Makinwa for further information about any of the projects below.
Note: All projects will involve the design, fabrication and testing of a chip.
Financial support is available in the form of a stipend, or even a tuition waiver.

  • Hybrid ADCs (SAR and VCO-based ADCs) (NXP)
  • Low-offset amplifiers w/ fA input currents (TUD)
  • High-resolution capacitance-to-digital Converters (Cypress)
  • Compact high-resolution temperature sensors (SiTime)
  • Intrinsically accurate temperature ensors (NXP)
  • Precision BiCMOS amplifiers (TI)
  • Multi-level Class-D amplifiers (NXP)


Paddy French's Biomedical Instrumentation Group:

Please contact Paddy French for further information.


Reinoud Wolffenbuttel's Integrated Micro-systems Group:

Please contact Ger de Graaf for further information.

Impedance spectroscopy:

Microsystems technology:

MEMS and circuit design:

Circuit design:

Microsystems for Gas Analysis:


Andre Bossche's Bio-devices Group:

Please contact Andre Bossche for further information.


Stoyan Nihtianov's Industrial Electronic Instrumentation Group:

Please contact Stoyan Nihtianov for further information.


Michiel Pertijs's Ultrasound ASICs & Energy-Efficient Sensors Group:

Thesis projects in our group generally relate to integrated circuits for ultrasound applications (e.g. LNAs, ADCs, beamformers, high-voltage pulsers and switches) or integrated circuits for energy-efficient sensing (e.g. capacitance-to-digital converters, gas sensors). All projects will involve the design, fabrication and testing of a chip. Please contact Michiel Pertijs for further information. Examples include:

  • BLADDERSCAN: The goal of this project is to realize an ASIC for an ultrasonic bladder-monitoring device. The ASIC will include high-voltage pulsers for transmit, and a complete receive signal chain. Key challenge is to minimize power consumption for battery-powered operation.
  • ELEMENTADC: The goal of this project is to develop a custom delta-sigma ADC for digitizing ultrasonic echo signals that is small enough to be integrated underneath an ultrasonic transducer element.
  • ULTRARECORDER: The goal of this project is to design an ASIC that is capable of digitizing the ultrasonic echo signals received by an array of ultrasound transducers and store these signals in a commercial DRAM chip. The ASIC is intended to be used in a wearable ultrasonic monitoring devices.