March 2016

Damen Bachelor Awards was won for the second year in a row by an EE BSc group.

The grand prize of €5.000,- was awarded to Tim Cheung, Lars van Leeuwen, Alexander Jongeling, Paul Bakker, Gerard Hogenhout, Kees Hogenhout of the Faculty of EWI with their thesis project titled “BabyShell” conducted under supervision of Andre Bossche and technical supervision of ing. Jeroen Bastemeijer.

BabyShell is a portable medical device that service to help mothers in Third World countries during their pregnancy and in raising small children. The device gives the mothers the opportunity to check their health and sends reminders for important health checkpoints during the pregnancy. The BabyShell functions indepent of the regional mobile networks and electricity facilities. It is therefore appropriate for these countries, that still suffer from high death rates in pregnancies and child births due to lack of guidance and knowledge. In the designing process low costs and maximum energy efficiency were the central issue.